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sailing vacations in cape breton

While sailing in Cape Breton venture into the UNESCO Bras d'Or Lake Biosphere Reserve. When you sail with us, you can trust that we'll take care of you. Our top-notch captain and amenities guarantee you'll have the time of your life.




                                                 located in st. peter's, cape Breton, nova scotia

                                            •    INFO: FUN@ITSARAP.CA

                                            •    Phone: 902-631-3754

                                            •    we tailor activities to your preferences - Up to 4 passengers
                                            •    Learn about the culture of the Mi’kmaq First Nation
                                            •    participate in the natural pulse of the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere
                                            •    Open June 1 through October 15

                                            •    visit us on facebook and#OnTripadvisor!

Your skipper has been sailing since racing a J-24 in 1982. He is a Biologist, Engineer and loves the outdoors. He has varied experience in ocean sailing in all conditions and looks forward to providing you with a memorable experience.


Want to have some fun?

While sailing in Cape Breton visit a National Historic Site - The St. Peter's Canal.  We have so  much to offer! You will not be disappointed!

We believe that sailboats broaden the mind and give  each of us a different perspective on life. We'll provide a skippered charter and hands-on sailing. Book a yacht charter in Cape Breton.

You'll love it.!