Services - Sailing Boat; Sailing Lessons

We offer sailing boat tours on the Bras d'Or Lake in St. Peter's, with a new adventure

on every tack, in Cape Breton through the St. Peter's Canal and on the Bras d'Or Lakes

in  our 25 ft. sailboat, Cu Na Mara.

Are you thinking of a boating holiday?

With all the tour operators in Canada and all the travel websites

why would you choose Cape Breton?

Because boating holidays in Cape Breton offer a fabulous way to see Cape Breton's magnificent scenery from the water. The Bras d’Or Lake in Cape Breton is one of the world’s premiere in-land salt water seas and Canada’s largest in-land sea. The Bras d’Or Lake has a great reputation, by sailors and boaters alike, for being one of the greatest sailing destinations of the world. With its sheltered waters, summer water temperatures averaging 75.2-78.8F (24-26C), South West prevailing winds, and fog free water, you can see why the Bras d’Or Lake has acquired such a reputation.

Richmond Adventure Planning (RAP) offers you an adventure tour you will never forget while sailing from St. Peter's, Cape Breton by the St. Peter's Canal, Canada's oldest operating tidal lock. Our vessel provides a simple, pleasurable cost effective alternative to luxury yachts. We are ideally situated on the Lakeside of the canal in the midst of spectacular, rustic scenery. St. Peter's, where the Ocean meets the Inland Sea, provides options for adventure tours on both the Ocean and the Lake.

Travel the Lake or just the Canal the choice is yours, the pace is yours, the experience is unforgettable. We provide truly wonderful adventure travel for guests of all ages. Prior sailing experience is not a requirement. Relax on the deck or actively participate. Guests can do as little or as much they want. Basic sailing instructions will be provided as requested and we are happy to meet your needs through customized tours. Lunch is provided with the full day  tours and if you would like a more substantial lunch a gourmet  take-out menu is available from the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn.

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Adventure tours in Cape Breton book up fast, so reserve your spot on an unforgettable voyage by booking ahead! Call to speak with our knowledgeable staff about what is offered and for customized tours.

Sailing in Cape Breton In St Peter's