Option 3- Canal plus an Ocean Sail  is a motorized tour through the St. Peter's Canal and then a sail on the Ocean.  This is a totally different experience that on the lake.  It is wide open and a great opportunity to fly the Gennaker downwind.  For a full day adventure we suggest docking at the Lennox Passage Yacht Club and taking a stroll to the Groundswell pub for lunch.
Option 1- History and Operation of the St. Peter's Canal is a motorized tour through the St. Peter's Canal which takes about  1 1/2 hours. You will learn about the history of the canal and it's operation. You will experience the swing bridge, the swing swimmers, a unique double door tidal lock system and learn about the history of the canal. We are partners with Parks Canada at the St. Peter's Canal National Historic Site.

All prices include snacks, water or pop.  If you let us know at the time of booking, we would be more than happy to arrange for more substantial  prepared catered meals on board.  You may also select a gourmet lunch from the picnic menu provided by the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn. We will strive to accommodate all your requests .... just ask! Maximum number of passengers is four.


Confirmation/Cancellation:  Reservations are confirmed by a 50% deposit .

Your deposit will be refunded to you, as long as you contact us within 24 hours of your reserved charter time. The balance of payment is due on the departure date. Cash payments can be made upon departure.
Weather Policy:  If, on the day of your charter it is, by the judgement of the Captain, unsuitable for sailing you may reschedule your charter or we will provide a refund of your deposit! 

Option 2 - Venture into the UNESCO Bras d'Or Lake Biosphere Reserve is a sail in St. Peter's Inlet and out to the Bras d'Or Lake. The Lake received the UNESCO designation as a Biosphere Reserve in June 2011 and this is your opportunity to experience first-hand the majesty of this Inland Sea. This can be a half day (about 3 hours) or a full day sail.  This unique, once in a lifetime adventure deserves time on the water!  Your Captain can discuss time requirements with you, based on your preferences, to determine what works best for you. The Bras d'Or Lake is a magnificent body of water and to truly experience the protected coves, have lunch and/or have a secluded swim you will require more time at sea. The tides, wind, and sea conditions will affect the nature and experience of our trip so come prepared for the conditions of the day.
Sailing on "Cu Na Mara" is an experience you will not soon forget. We offer three options for your sailing vacations and departure times are as flexible as bookings will allow, in order to match your itinerary.
  1. History and Operation of the St. Peter's Canal.
  2. YouSail into the UNESCO Bras d'Or Lake Biosphere Reserve.
  3.  History and Operation of the Canal and a sail on the Ocean.
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