yousail through a UNESCO biosphere reserve and mi'kmaq culture

This excursion into the UNESCO Bras d'Or Lake Biosphere Reserve can be a shorter three hour sail out to the lake and back or a full day venturing into the special coves that are found throughout this Biosphere Reserve.  Book this Eco Tour into the Bras d'Or LakeUNESCO Biosphere Reserve for the adventure of a lifetime. Your skipper, Captain Kerr, makes this a fun trip... your safety, enjoyment and entertainment is his top priority. You will not be disappointed.
One historically relevant option, after sailing through St. Peter's Inlet, is to view the traditional Mi'kmaq Mission on Chapel Island. You may also swim, snorkel and enjoy a meal in a peaceful environment, enjoying the wildlife and scenery. The route through St. Peter's Inlet offers magnificent vistas of the Biosphere with wilderness and sustainable community developments combined.
Birds that you might encounter on the tour include the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Cormorant, Great Blue Heron and of course the ever present Black Crow.
Water and a light snack are provided. A gourmet meal can be ordered 24 hrs in advance from the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn.

This adventure gives you a Boat Cruise, Eco Tour, a Cultural Experience and food/refreshments, ALL IN ONE TRIP.